Broadband Internet Service Provider

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CITY NET committed to serve you from a single contact point. Telnet has a metro digital network that flows through every part of the Dhaka city and a nationwide backbone that connecting all the major cities of Bangladesh.


Mobile Apps Development

Customized Mobile application

No matter what business is yours, a mobile app can help you get and retain customers . We all know that the first place customers go to search for a product or service is online.


Website Design & Development

Portfolio, Productive & e-commerce Based

We are proficient of creating magnificent & flawless website from scratch to a full furnished product. We are one of the leading website development company in Bangladesh since 2010.



City Net is a full service IT Solution Provider that has been operating in Uttara market for over 15 years with a very high level of success. City Net highly trained professionals can ensure a standard of service that remains unmatched by any other player in the market.

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Internet Connectivity

Dedicated High speed internet connectivity through primary and secondary link. LAN & WAN Solution. High availability. Nationwide coverage all over in 64 districts.24/7 support and service center.

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Intranet Connectivity

City Net has nationwide coverage of MPLS Layer-3 and Layer-2 VPN solution. MPLS is now considered as the most advanced, robust and most secured solution for data-connectivity.

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CCTV & IP Surveillance

We are highly experienced in design, engineering, assembly and maintenance of security automation. Solution includes CCTV & IP surveillance.

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Web Services

Web Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Interactive and Database Driven Web Sites, Business to Customers (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) Web Sites.

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Security & Surveillance

Hardware Base, Firewall, Barracuda, Kaspersky these are you can get from Link3 for secured browsing and website. CCTV and IP cameras you will get for the surveillance purpose.

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LAN Solution & Maintenance

City Net has several skilled teams who can provide Wired and Wireless Local Area Network ( LAN) services.


  • Graphic Design

  • Html & Css

  • jQuery

  • Wordpress

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Unlimited Movie & Tv Server

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